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BMW F650GS - quick report

Ok, I had the bike for less than a week and only rode about 250 Km so far, but here are the first impressions.

Let's keep in mind that is a BMW, hence if something could be ignored or excused in a lesser bike, on a BMW is portraied as a critical failure.

First impression is "is it a 125 cc?". Because it looks so small that you can't shake the idea that is a really small bike. I was used to a huge tank, the cockpit completely surrounded by the fairing and so on, while the BMW, with the tank under the saddle and the apparently small and 'empty' front looks even smaller. Even if it's an 800 cc (so a good 150 cc more than the old Transalp). The weight (200 Kg) increase the impression.

The afore mentioned tank under the saddle and the position of the handlebar make it feels very nimble and light, hoewever I noticed that the handlebar is quite large (watch out for narrow passages).

The saddle is lower than the suzuki and is even narrower, that's good for me 'cause I am a korck.

The engine is quick and ready, the cockpit is clear and the 'computer' is a nice touch. The standard equipment (heated handgrip and the like) is very nice. And despite what other peoples thinks I found the saddle is very comfy.

The gear selector is really precise, with that satisfiyng 'tik-tok', like to use a precision instrument. The gear number in the computer is also a nice touch. The gears are well displaced and the engine recover nicely from 70km/h in 5th gear.

The higher windscreen is decent. Is not the "am I riding or am I standing still?" suzuki-style but decent.

The original lights are good enough to notice that it's working (with the suzuki in the beginning I wasn't sure) but I think I'll make the upgrade to xenon very soon.

The weight, height and the clutch make it a very nice and fun bike to ride.

I heard a lot of critics over the single-disk break, but to me it looks better than suzuki's double-disk. With the v-strom every time I was breaking I was going left, with the bmw it doesn't happen... or maybe it's me...

Now let's talk shittiness...

Strangely enough, the speedo doesn't have an indication for the 50Km/h. The speedo itself could be a little bigger or more readable.

The reservoir for the breaks... standing there like that... it looks like they forgot it and decided to attach it at the last moment...

The side stand is a little difficult to use when on the bike, I keep kicking the peg.

I've some doubt about the lock/ignition key on the "tank" instead of on the handlebar. Especially because like this you can't use any 'normal' tank bag and you're forced to go the BMW way.

The signals' control... WHY???? Why can't they do them like anybody else??

In the instruction manual they talk about a "space under the saddle". That's a lie. What they should have wrote is: you can open the saddle. There is no fscking "space" under there! Maybe you can put a pencil in there. A small one.

So far, the only real "problem" I can report is: the top case is useless. Too small and too fscking heavy. My laptop (a mere 15") fits precisely. Without a bag!

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Addendum 1

Did I say that the original topcase is useless yes? Well, I went and bought a big 52lt. Givi Maxia, that is a lot better than the original "variothing". Installing it was a bit of a mess, mostly because I couldn't find the correct key, but in the end I've got a decent top case.

the old one is inside

Addendum 2

Tankbag, tankbag, tankbak... fuck! The 'tank' is made of plastic, so I can't use my old magnetic tankbag, but the original BMW sucks. Well, I decided to use a monting style a bit "improvised":

Ok it looks a bit weird but... hey! It works!

Addendum 3

After a lot of weird look on the road I decided to use a less "improvised" strap-on system using a couple of tie-on straps. This way I can even take it off without getting nuts with knots.

un miglior metodo di fissaggio un miglior metodo di fissaggio un miglior metodo di fissaggio