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Givi Monokey side frame kit

I wasn's satisfied with the original BMW 'vari' bags (too small and too heavy), so I decided to get a couple of Givi Monokey, but first, I needed the mounting kit. Luckily I already upgraded the top case to a Givi Maxia, and the mount plate is part of the side mounting kit, so I didn't needed that.

I got the whole mount kit from the internet in a week, I got it on a thursday that I was at home because I was recovering from sickness, so it was nicely timed. Once squared up on the floor all the parts where there and the instructions looked simple enough.

packed and ready squaring it up

So it was time to put it up. The weather was so-so but...

square it up first figure out where the bolts goes Ok, the gloves are on, time to get serious

The left side one is the most complicated, since the exahust is in the way of the attach, I found that sliding the 'mounting' peg after the exhaust and then moving it up is easyer than what the instructions suggest. The problem is that the only way to put the washers in is to keep them in place with a drop of glue. Once the bolts are located just give them a few turn by hand and the put the nut and bolt on the top-case plate. This is easy to do if you do not follow the instructions, that suggests to put the bolt from the outside and the nut in the inside, but the other way around, the bolt from the inside and the nut from the outside. This way you don't have to fiddle to catch the nut with the bolt. And anyway, who's gonna look if is the bolt or the nut on the outside?

putting the washers in ain't easy remove the original pivot pin first prop it up and then bolt it on

The right-side frame is attached to the passenger's foot peg, to attach it you have to remove the original pin that allow the peg to rotate in his attachment, this will need a plier to get the safety pin out of the way and then you'll have to 'persuade' the pin to get out. In my case a couple of bash with the side of the plier were enough. Once bolted on, do not overtight it or the peg won't be able to rotate anymore.

The tail piece slide in place without too much trouble if the bolts are still loose enough, then is just a matter of tighten all the bolts and the game is done.