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Tank bag for photocamera

Because everybody that has both passions, the bike and the photo, knows where is the problem: the camera in the topcase is protected and nice, but when you need to get at it to take a picture is a big mess. Keeping the camera in a backpack isn't exactly the best in case of an accident (ouch!), so what's left?

The tank bag!

But usually isn't really well padded...

Think and think again, I thought: why not to 'pad' the tank bag? Sure, I could go and buy a pre-made one, but why buying when you can build yourself? So one nice day I went to a DIY wearhouse, bought a bunch of sponge and made myself a bag. I was looking for 'normal' sponge, but they didn't sold it in human size, only monster size, so I got some soundproofing sponge instead.

The bag was already here, so that's not a problem. Now the problem is to put them together with some glue...


As you can see, the sponge ain't flat, one side is cone-shaped, this means that two layer can 'lock' one in the other, that's fine for me. Around the bag I put a piece of a carpet (it was lying around in the attic, after vacuuming it was ok).

Once decide (more or less) how to put the thing together, I used the same paper that sported the brand of the sponge to make a template, then grabbed myself a sharp blade and start cutting.

Is not necessary to do an ultra-fine work, since the sponge is going to be pressed.

The camera with the padding around

Space for a 55mm at the right

I decided to do the work in two blocks, so I can put the camera with the standard 18/55 or the 28/135. On the right side I carved an hole for the 50mm and another small space for memory sticks or wathever.

I glued together the sponge with some very strong (but smelly) glue.

The bag with the padding inside.


Together (2)

To 'close' the whole thing, I used some velcro to attach a layer of sponge to the lid of the bag, this way everything can be removed if necessity arise.

Once closed the bag looks a little 'fat', but the sensation is good, it feels well padded and solid.